Our e-shop aims to promote e-cigarettes ( also known as electronic cigarette) a new haealthy and trendy way of smoking.

The unique vaporising system of electronic cigarettes allows  the user to experience a pure nicotine inhalation without worrying about the carcinogenic compounds of a " standard " cigarette . This reduces the risk of smoking related illnesses. Some researches proved that electronic cigarette vapour contains 3-5 % harmful substances compared to " regular " cigarette. Mainly nicotine. There is also a lack of unpleasant odours , as unlike cigarettes , the vapour produced by e-cigarettes does not " cling " to clothes.

Our website was designed to make sure you can get quality e-cigarettes at affordable , competitive prices , greatly reducing the money you spent on smoking. There are many types of e- cigarettes , starting with the basic "Starter kits" to the advanced " Revolution V2 " type. There is also a range of cartridges and e-liquids available , from branded flavours to fruit or even chocolate.

Another major advantage of e-cigarette is the fact that e-cigarettes are not included in the smoking ban . This means you can freely enjoy your   "smoke " on the public transport , as well as in other non smoking areas round the UK . There is also no passive smoking involved as the vapour does not contain tobacco or other carcinogens .  They are also recognised by some as good way of reducing smoking , as the nicotine vapour can act just like a patch  allowing the habitual smoker for " puffing" and blowing smoke like vapour , decreasing the craving.

To improve our services we designed new webpage . We are hoping that this new webpage will be much easier to use by our customers. To simplyfy payment procces , we added card payment option. Now , there is no need to have a PayPal account to make payment. We hope the changes in our shop will be found by our customers as useful.

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